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Put By Service

Don't miss out Our "Put By" service has grown in popularity since we introduced it a number of years ago. The service, enables you to reserve any desired item(s) with a small deposit until a date that both suits your budget and every day needs.

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How It Works
Once you have selected the item or items you want we will ask you for a minimum deposit of 10% of the total value of the selected item(s). Of course you can pay any deposit amount as long as it is greater than 10% of the total value.Once we have received the deposit, we will take the item(s) out of stock and save them for you for an agreed period of time. You can, at any time during that period, come into the shop or call us up and pay additional amounts to reduce the final balance. Once you have cleared the final balance, you are free to collect your selected items.​​​
Click here to view our "PUT BY" terms and conditions

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